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What is True Italy?

True Italy is a practical Tool to protect Consumers and Resellers from counterfeit products claimed to be "Made in Italy". It works through a special Tag or Label attached to the Italian product and an online Internet checking system, available free of charge, 24 hours a day. Go now to the True Italy Service site!

If you want to be sure your money has purchased the real thing, ask for a Product with a True Italy Tag!


What is the True Italy Tag?

It is a special Tag or Label, like the one published on the right, which truly identifies a Genuine Italian Product from counterfeits or deceiving Italian-look-alike products. You can find it attached to an Item which has been genuinely manufactured or fully designed in Italy.

The combination of unique codes and an independent online checking system on the Internet make True Italy the ultimate tool to guarantee the money you have paid for a superior quality Italian made product is authentic and worth the money you have paid for it.

If you find the True Italy Tag or Label attached to your next purchase, buy it with confidence! Not convinced? Check the Authenticity Code yourself in just seconds via the Internet.


How should I use the True Italy Tag?

Goal: to check the authenticity of the Italian product you have just purchased and learn more about its manufacturer.

  • Take the True Italy Tag and use any computer to connect the Internet.
  • Go to the True Italy Service online checking system at
  • Read the 20-digit Authenticity Code you find on the front of the True Italy Tag and enter it exactly.
  • Click the "Check it now!" button.
  • You will get a copy of your True Italy Tag displayed on the screen. If the Authenticity Code and Serial Number on the screen do not match with those printed on your True Italy Tag, you may begin to consider the product you purchased as a likely counterfeit. Please follow the directions on-screen and issue an Anomaly Report to True Italy.
  • If the Authenticity Code and Serial Number do match you are the smart buyer of a genuine Italian product! More information about the product and its Italian manufacturer are displayed on the left.


Is there any cost for using the True Italy Service?

No, the True Italy Service is completely Free of Charge for any Consumer or Wholesale Buyer of Italian products coming attached to a True Italy Tag.


I am a Consumer : why should I buy an Italian product with a True Italy Tag attached?

Because you can check quickly and at any time to find out if the product is an authentic Italian one. If you buy any other product with a generic "Made in Italy" label or a product with Italian-like label names or an Italian flag you have no certainty that the product is genuinely Italian and not a counterfeit featuring a completely faked Label or Tag.

The True Italy Service allows you to be fully confident about the origin of your product. If you discover via the True Italy site that there is a problem with matching the Authenticity Code printed on your Tag or Label you can issue an Anomaly Report. If there is a problem with the Tag itself possibly being counterfeited, you can return to where you bought the product and ask for explanations!

In a nutshell: if you buy any "True Italy-tagged" Items you are virtually protected against counterfeits and even stolen merchandise!


I am a Retailer or Wholesale Buyers : why should I import Italian products with a True Italy™ Tag attached?

Because you can be confident that your money has been invested to import the "real thing", not counterfeited merchandise. Purchasing faked or cloned products instead of Genuine Italian Products is a real risk jeopardizing your money and your reputation, besides being a loss of money. The True Italy Service enables you to trust your purchases even more, as well as to give an additional guarantee to your clients willing to pay for a Genuine Italian Product.

Each customer buying an exclusive Italian Product can check it anytime, anywhere, for free, simply visiting the True Italy Service site. One more way to qualify your offer and attract new customers! You can even allow them to check the genuinity of your Italian Products in real time, right at your store: you need just an Internet connection and a computer.


What do you mean by "Made in Italy"?

The "Made in Italy" concept sometimes has been used in unappropriate ways. On the contrary, all the "Made in Italy" labeled Products coming attached with a True Italy Tag fall in one of the following strict situations, certified and signed by the same manufacturers:

  • completely designed and manufactured in Italy, with Italian materials and components.
  • completely designed and manufactured in Italy.

This means that you can be truly sure that each Product showing the True Italy Tag is genuinely an Italian one!

A Golden Rule
Prefer Products coming with the True Italy™ Tag or Label attached! Ask for them!
Real Made in Italy
10 Excellent Reasons ...

... to buy an Italian Product with a True Italy Tag :

  • get what you paid for
  • avoid counterfeits and fakes
  • avoid stolen merchandise
  • avoid uncertaintity
  • check it anytime, anywhere, for free
  • claim for refund, if untrue
  • defend your consumer's rights and fight scams
  • enjoy the real thing
  • don't feed the illegal market and criminals
  • support the Italian style and give it a chance
For Retailers only

You have many good reasons to import Truly Italian Products and avoid scams.

Genuine "Made in Italy" merchandise makes your business different and more competitive. You and your customers must be sure of its origin.

True Italy gives you both a guarantee and a free tool to check the real origin, warning you about any anomaly (for example stolen or cloned products).

Remember, import Italian Products with a True Italy Tag or Label. It is your seal for confidence!

A True Italy™ Tag

The Genuine Italian Products guaranteed by the True Italy™ Service come with a special Tag attached (like the one above) or have the True Italy™ logo

Authentic Made in Italy , truly Italian products in fashion, leather, furniture, jewellery, eyewear, food, tiles

plus an Authenticity Code and a Serial Number printed on the Italian Manufacturer's Label.

Check an Italian Product now! - The "Made in Italy" - FAQs - Contacts

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